Who We Are. What We Do.

Indy Sacred Harp is a shape-note group that sings from the 1991 Sacred Harp. We sing twice a month at two different locations. Loaner books are available:

1st Saturdays 1-3pm at the Harrison House
1230 N Delaware St, Indianapolis, IN 46202

3rd Tuesdays 7-9pm at North Meadow Circle of Friends
1710 N Talbott St, Indianapolis, IN 46202

Sometimes we need to cancel or move our singings. Please check the events page and reach out to Sarah Lynne Gershon at sahra.lynne@gmail.com to confirm we are meeting at our regularly scheduled time.

Shape-note singing is an American, a cappella choral tradition with roots that stretch back into the 18th century. We sing four part harmony, printed with shaped note heads which are designed to help with sight reading music. The tunes are characterized by open harmonies and a raw, powerful sound. They are paired with sacred poetry inspired by Christian and Jewish scriptures, the natural world, death, love, hope and despair.

The tradition of shape-note singing is marked by hospitality and diversity. Singings include people from all political and religious perspectives and we focus on our shared love of singing (and the delicious food that often accompanies it). Everyone is welcome to join us (yes even if you can’t sing, even if you aren’t religious and even if *whatever excuse you just came up with!*). This group is made up of whoever shows up to sing. We hope that will include you. Come and experience this distinctive and spirited style of sacred music!

Some of our regular singers and some folks who happened to be singing with us that evening.

Find updates about singings and other random shape-note content on our facebook page and instagram